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What We Do

VicCom serves 3 main functions:


(1) A Support Function

  • Assisting our students in getting the best out of their education from participating in faculty meetings to facilitating studygroups and raising student concerns in the upper-levels of the University.


(2) A Career-Development Function

  • Connecting students of all disciplines to employers and profesional bodies to help guide them into their prospective careers

  • Encouraging active participation towards internships and graduate programes.

  • Assisting students in making the right decision for their futures.

(3) A Social Function


  • Helping our students to meet eachother through social & networking events.

  • Hosting our annual cocktail night and Commerce Ball so students can enjoy the best that studying commerce at Victoria University has to offer.

  • Facilitating communication with fellow students across campus through our Buddy Program so first and second years can connect with older students to help them throughout the maze that can be the first years of univeristy.

  • Hosting End-of-term shindigs to help students celebrate the end of trimester.

  • Hosting BBQs, providing study snacks & school-specific events 

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