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About VicCom

Founded in 2004, VicCom (Victoria University of Wellington Commerce Students’ Society) is the official representative body for Commerce students and one of the largest societies at Victoria University of Wellington.


With over 3000 members from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, our society benefits in the diversity of our talents while also profiting from our core principle: a passion for commerce.


Our Commitment

We are committed to offering students remarkable experiences, exclusive opportunities, and unparalleled benefits as members and students of commerce.


Our mission is to support students both academically and socially, ensuring they receive the finest experiences, forge meaningful friendships on campus, and establish extensive, valuable, and diverse networks in the professional world.


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about our events!

We host a diverse range of events throughout the year.



Assisting students in optimising their education, from active participation in faculty meetings to facilitating study groups and addressing student concerns at higher university levels.



Connecting students across disciplines with employers, promoting engagement in internships and graduate programs, and providing guidance for informed decision-making about their future paths.



Fostering a vibrant and connected student community through social and networking events, including the annual Cocktail Night, Quiz Night, and Commerce Ball. We create opportunities for students to connect, celebrate, and navigate their university journey.

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